About Me

I am a retired RAF fighter pilot who had the privilege to fly operationally the BAC Lightning Mks 1A, 2, 2A, T4, T5 and F6; Hawker Hunter Mks 6, 6A, T7 and FGR9; McDonnell Douglas Phantom F4 Mks FG1 and FGR2; and the Panavia Tornado GR1 in its early days in service up to the end of the 80s.

Lightning Hunter
Phantom Tornado

I had a minor argument with the Phantom shown in the picture above, resulting in a rapid departure and a fractured spine, but made a sufficient recovery to continue flying. The aches and pains are now catching up with me. Not so easy lying under the car these days!

Parachute and accessories Ejector seat

I then worked in the Aerospace industry until retirement. I was then free to concentrate on my interest in classic cars.

I have rebuilt and owned 3 cars: MGPA 4-Seater, MGTC and MGA.

MG PA 4 Seater & MGTC MGA

This database started more by accident than design when I catalogued numerous MG car jacks on my MGA website. I was then contacted by other classic car enthusiasts about similar jacks supplied with their cars. Before long the catalogue had expanded from the original 3 jacks for the MGA to some 300 jacks of various makes. I then decided to split the data into a standalone website and that is what you see today. It is maintained at my own cost and time. The only source of revenue is from Google Adsense adverts that just about cover the domain name and hosting costs.

I try to keep the data as accurate as possible but there are many gaps. I rely very much on you, the user, to help me in this respect. If you have information or spot errors then please tell me.