Mini Moke Toolkit Notes

Written by Jose Bartute


The pictures are of some of the road side tools that appear in the Mini Moke service book.

The Metallifacture handles, one is RAF blue/grey - paint code BS633 and one is red. At some point there was I guess a change in colours. Both have worn out original paint.

The wheel brace is authentic and original paint, size 11/16 inch or AF (the same).

The jack I think came in red originally together with the brace and handle. Mine is perhaps a later production version but correct part number and is finished in RAF blue/grey - paint code BS633. I thought it could had been refinished but when when it arrived, upon close inspection was original factory paint.

The most interesting piece is the tool/jack bag. I was very lucky to find this bag. If you look at the details and the service book photo it is a fragile thin vinyl, sort of pig skin textured imitation, and the most important part as far as authenticity is the way the straps are welded to the side of the bag. Notice the 3 heat welded vinyl to vinyl strips. Look at the details of the service picture. Another interesting detail is the three compartments for the two box spanners, tommy bar and wrench. All the bags I see are the typical Jaguar bags for the Metallifacture jacks that have a more triangulated shape with a cord at the edge. So all in all this is as close to the original Moke tool kit and tool kit bag that you can possibly find.