From September 2021 I will be going through all the entries alphabetically by maker to standardise the terminology used in my jack descriptions. This also includes measurements which I have decided to standarded in inches which was the measurement used during manufacture of the bulk of jacks in the databases. As a concession I have decimalised the fractions of an inch except where they are cast on a specific jack.

Inches are represented by ".

As of 17 November 2021 I have amended alphabetically up to and including Ern Lake jacks.

Screw Jacks

 Single Screw 

  Double or twin Screw. Some manufacturers also use the suffix DL (Double Lift) in their casting as shown in this Lake & Elliot example.

 Triple Screw. Some manufacturers also use the suffix TL (Triple Lift) in their casting.


  Gear Wheel

 Ratchet Winder 

 Droop Snoot Ratchet Winder 

  Saddle jacking Plate

  Flat Jacking Plate

  L - Jacking Plate

  Channel Jacking Plate

  Round Jacking Plate

 Hinged Extension 


Cantilever Jacks


Cantilever Jack 

Cantilever Jack


Scissor Jacks

 Scissor Jack 

 Scissor Jack. Sometimes referred to as a Rhombic Jack.

Metallifacture refer to the jacking plate as a 'Step'.

Bumper Jacks


Bumper Jack. This would normally fit under one of the bumper support irons.



Side Lift Jacks



 Side Lift jack and lifting arm.

A Frame Jacks


 A Frame jack and lifting arm.


Folding A Frame Jacks


 Folding A Frame jack and lifting arm.


Capstan Jacks


Capstan jack.


Toe Jacks



 Toe Jack. Very low lifting toe for lifting equipment such as railway lines.



Hydraulic Jacks



 Single ram with manual screw extension.

Double ram with manual screw extension.