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1000 jacks Milestone on 11 April 2021

This is a genuine Metallifacture Jaguar E-Type jack. Many vendors incorrectly claim other similar Metallifacture jacks for the Austin Princess, Ford Cortina and Austin Mini to be E-Type jacks. Check before you buy or sell.


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An Enots hydraulic jack with a geared extension sold on 15 March 2020 for 690.00

Vehicle/Jack Matches Index

Car Maker Branded Jacks (39)

Armstrong (6) Bradbury(23) Britool (BTC) (20) Desmo (3) Duco (4) Dunlop (79)
DWS (2) Engineering(27) Enots(4) Epco (27) Ern Lake (33) Eversure (22)
Ford (39) Harvey Frost (34) King Dick (27) Lake & Elliot(177) Lucas (4) Metallifacture(82)
Miscellaneous (64) Prima (18) Read (7) Shelley (100) SkyHi (52) Smiths (99)
Stadium (7) Tangye (28) Woden (7) Unknown (5)    

Number of jacks in each database shown in parentheses ()

Total jack variants is 1041

George Radion in Australia has a database on Australian-made Jacks

All the gathered information is free to use for private purposes, but if there are commercial reasons please contact me first. There will likely be no charge but I would like to know as a point of courtesy.  I have no commercial interest in jacks. I maintain this website purely as a hobby and for the benefit of all.

Request to vendors: Please feel free to use the information from these databases in your adverts. An acknowledgement of the source would be most welcome. However, please do not twist any of the information. Where I say along the lines: 'May be for car 'X' please make this clear in your advert. An altered statement saying: 'It is for car 'X' will create false facts and misinformation. If you know for certainty a jack's heritage please contact me so that I can amend the entry. Thank you.

If you know of other British car jack types or have useful information about any of the jack types listed then please contact me. The accuracy of all the data relies very heavily on feedback.

I have provided a quick link by vehicle type in the Vehicle Jack Index. I have only listed vehicles where there is a high degree of certainty that an appropriate jack has been identified. Where more than one jack type is listed against a vehicle please check the appropriate databases for additional information. For example only one or two jacks of one type have been found in one mark of Austin Healey, the majority having another type. New information and corrections are always most welcome.

There is also a page for unknown jacks.  Any help with identification is most welcome.

I state in the sales whether the jack has a handle or not. This often appears in short as NH (No Handle) or WH (With Handle).


Recent jack additions will remain for approx two months

    Latest Jack Additions  
Number Database Jack Type Date Entered
1034 Ern Lake H10 Ratchet Jack 26 October 2021
1035 Stadium Hydraulic Jack 29 October 2021
1036 BTC  Pole Jack 31 October 2021
1037 Shelley 1 Ton Jack 5 November 2021
1038 Smiths Smiths Stevenson Pole Jack 7 November 2021
1039 Eversure Type 272 Hydraulic Jack 8 November 2021
  Shelley Existing LJ225 variant identified for the Triumph Vitesse 16 November 2021
1040 Smiths Pole Jack 25 November 2021
1041 Lake & Elliot M5 1/2 DL Hydraulic Jack 30 November 2021


Most traded jack in 2020:  Shelley LJ263 for Land Rovers with 33 sales averaging 27.50

Most expensive jack in 2020:  Shelley triple screw LJ225 for the Jaguar E-Type: 1 sale @ 1274.00

High Value Sales:

Metallifacture scissor jack for the E-Type Jaguar Series 1 3.8  sold on 25 August 2015 for 1,399.00

Shelley LJ225 screw jack variant for early E-Type Jaguars sold in 2018 for 1,800.00

A Lake & Elliot Millennium 12-MSB-1 1/2 jack in its original cardboard box, used by the Aston Martin DB5, DB6 and DBS sold at a Bonhams auction on 13 May 2017 for 3500.00. Two others sold for 1750.00 and 2250.00

A Smiths Bevelift used by the Aston Martin DB4 sold at a Bonhams auction on 13 May 2017 for 1375.00

A Lake & Elliot M1DL jack used by the Aston Martin DB2/4 sold at a Bonhams auction on 13 May 2017 for 625.00.



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