Vehicle/Jack Matches Index

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Vehicle/Jack Matches Index

Car Maker Branded Jacks

Armstrong Bradbury Britool (BTC) Desmo Duco Dunlop
DWS Engineering Enots Epco Ern Lake Eversure
Ford Harvey Frost King Dick Lake & Elliot Lucas Metallifacture
Miscellaneous Prima Read Shelley SkyHi Smiths
Stadium Tangye Woden Unknown    

George Radion in Australia has a database on Australian-made Jacks

Known Vehicle/Jack Relationships

The following list provides a quick link to the jack(s) for each vehicle. I have only listed vehicles where there is a high degree of certainty that an appropriate jack has been identified. Where more than one jack type is listed against a vehicle please check the appropriate databases for additional information. For example only one or two jacks of one type have been found in one mark of Austin Healey, the majority having another type. New information and corrections are always most welcome.

Request to vendors: Please feel free to use the information from these databases in your adverts. An acknowledgement of the source would be most welcome. However, please do not twist any of the information. Where I say along the lines: 'May be for car X' please make this clear in your advert. An altered statement saying: 'It is for car X' will create false facts and misinformation. If you know for certainty a jack's heritage please contact me so that I can amend the entry. Thank you.

* = More information required please

423 Vehicle/jack Relationships identified + 1 Fighter Aircraft!

AC 6 Dunlop Balloon Type Dunlop Ballon Type_1      
AC Cobra Shelley LJ22        
AEC Matador Artillery Tractor Ski Hi        
Alvis TA14 Smiths Bevelift        
Aston Martin AMV8 King Dick AMV8 Shelley Rollafit      
Aston Martin DB2 (race car) Abbey Panels        
Aston Martin DB2 L&E S723        
Aston Martin DB2-4 L&E M1DL        
Aston Martin DB2-4 Mk II BTC Folding A Frame        
Aston Martin DB3-S (race car) Abbey Panels        
Aston Martin DB Mark III BTC Folding A Frame        
Aston Martin DB4 & DB4 GT Britool Bevelift        
Aston Martin DB5 L&E 12-MSB        
Aston Martin DB6 L&E 12-MSB        
Aston Martin DBS L&E 12-MSB        
Aston Martin DBS V8 Shelley Rollafit        
Austin A30 Read Smiths Austin A30      
Austin A35 BTC Austin A35        
Austin A40 Farina BTC A40 Smiths Steadylift      
Austin A40 Somerset Smiths Pole/Bumper        
Austin A55 Cambridge Shelley 7DL        
Austin A60 King Dick Metallifacture CJ/24      
Austin A90, A95, A105 Smiths A Frame King Dick      
Austin 3 Tonners - WW2 Shelley        
Austin 7 Shelley 7 Bantam Shelley 10DL L&E JRS421 L&E S421  
Austin 7 Ruby Shelley 10DL Lake & Elliot 2H1577      
Austin 10 Shelley 7 Bantam Shelley 12DL Lake & Elliot 2H1578 Lake & Elliot 2H1579  
Austin 12 Lake & Elliot 2H1579        
Austin 12/4 Heavy Shelley 8 Inch        
Austin 16/6 Shelley 8 Inch        
Austin 18 Smiths Jackall        
Austin 20 Series Smiths Jackall        
Austin 28 Series Smiths Jackall        
Austin 1100/1300 Shelley Rollafit Metallifacture Scissor      
Austin 1800/2200 Metallifacture side Lift        
Austin Allegro Metallifacture Allegro        
Austin Ambassador Metallifacture Scissor        
Austin Burnham Shelley 8 Inch        
Austin Champ Smiths Bevelift AC        
Austin Clifton Shelley 8 Inch        
Austin Devon Smiths Post        
Austin Healey 100-4 BN1 Shelley 6" DL Shelley 12DL Shelley LJ21 Shelley LJ23 King Dick B1077
Austin Healey 100-4 BN2 Shelley 6" DL Shelley 12DL Shelley LJ21    
Austin Healey 100-4 BN3 Shelley 6" DL Shelley LJ21      
Austin Healey 100-6 BN4 Shelley 7DL Shelley LJ21 King Dick B1881    
Austin Healey 100-6 BN6 Shelley 7DL Shelley LJ21 King Dick B1881    
Austin Healey 3000 MkI Shelley 7DL Shelley LJ21 King Dick B1881    
Austin Healey 3000 MkII Shelley LJ225        
Austin Healey 3000 MkIII Shelley LJ225 Shelley LJ225 mod      
Austin Healey Frog Eye Sprite King Dick Frog Eye Smiths Steadylift      
Austin Healey Sprite Shelley Rollafit Metallifacture (MS) BTC A Frame?    
Austin Heavy 12/4 Lake & Elliot        
Austin K2Y Ambulance - WW2 Shelley        
Austin Maestro Austin Maestro        
Austin Maxi Metallifacture SideLift        
Austin Metro Austin Metro        
Austin Mini (pre 1960) 1959 Mini BTC Mini      
Austin Mini (60 to 61) Shelley LJ225 (Mini)        

Austin Mini (62 to 68)

Metallifacture (M)        
Austin Mini (68>) Shelley Mini Sidelift BTC Side Lift Metallifacture    
Austin Princess Metallifacture (AP)        
Bedford MJ Truck Epco Tower        
Bedford MK Truck Epco Tower        
Bedford MW Truck Ern Lake Britool Britool 2 Ton      
Bedford TK Truck Dunlop LJ36B        
Bentley 3L,4.5L & 6L Enots Hydraulic        
Bentley (Derby) Dunlop 29 Dunlop 35 dated Dunlop 37    
Bentley 3.5L Owen Sedanca Dunlop 35 undated        
Bentley Mk6 Dunlop Type 41 Smiths Bevelift *      
Bentley R Dunlop Type 41        
Bren Gun Carrier Ern Lake - SIF Ern Lake - HF      
BMC Mini Shelley Mini Sidelift Metallifacture      
BMC Mini Countryman Metallifacture CJ/15        
BMW Isetta Shelley 7DL        
Bristol 400, Smiths Bevelift        
Bristol 401 - 406 Smiths Bevelift        
Chrysler Avenger Metallifacture Scissor        
Chrysler Sunbeam Metallifacture Scissor        
Commer Van Metallifacture CJ/17A        
Daimler Armoured Cars WW2 L&E S435 L&E S218      
Daimler Conquest 53 - 56 Smiths Daimler        
Daimler Conquest Century 54-58 Smiths Daimler        
Daimler Ferret Scout Car 52-62 Ern Lake 4 Ton        
Daimler 15 - 1936 to 1937 Stevenson Daimler        
Daimler V8 250 King Dick Jaguar & Daimler        
Daimler DS420 Shelley Rollafit        
Daimler ***** Shelley Daimler        
Daimler Hearse (1929) Shelley Double Lift        
EE. Lightning Jet Fighter Tangye 25 Ton        
Ford Anglia Metallifacture Tripod        
Ford Anglia 105E Metallifacture 105E Metallifacture sidelift Ford 105E    
Ford Capri Ford Capri        
Ford Consul Metallifacture Tripod        
Ford Cortina Mk1 Metallifacture (C)        
Ford Cortina GT Mk1 Metallifacture (C)        
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 Metallifacture (L)        
Ford Cortina Mk2 Ford Cortina Mk2 Metallifacture sidelift      
Ford Cortina Mk3 Ford Cortina Mk3 Metallifacture sidelift      
Ford Cortina Mk5 Ford Cortina Mk.5        
Ford Escort RS1600 Mexico Ford Escort Mk1        
Ford Escort RS2000 Mexico Ford Escort RS2000        
Ford Escort Mk1 Ford Escort Mk1        
Ford Escort Mk2 Ford Escort Mk2        
Ford Escort Mk2 RS Series Ford Escort Mk2        
Ford Escort Mk3 Ford escort Mk 3        
Ford Escort Mk4 Ford Escort Mk4        
Ford Escort Mk 5 Ford Escort Mk 5        
Ford Fiesta Mk1 and 2 Ford Fiesta Mk1 & 2        
Ford Fiesta Mk3 Ford Fiesta Mk3        
Ford Fiesta Mk4/5 Ford Fiesta Mk4/5        
Ford Focus Ford Focus        
Ford Galaxy Ford Galaxy        
Ford Granada Ford Granada        
Ford Model Y Ford Model Y        
Ford Mondeo Ford Mondeo        
Ford Orion Ford Orion        
Ford Popular E93A Ford Popular E93A        
Ford Popular 103E Ford Popular/Prefect        
Ford Prefect E93A Ford Prefect E93A        
Ford Prefect 100E Ford Popular/Prefect        
Ford Prefect 107E Metallifacture Tripod Metallifacture sidelift      
Ford Scorpio (circa 1990) Ford Scorpio        
Ford Scorpio Cosworth Ford Scorpio Cosworth        
Ford Sierra Mk1 Ford Sierra Mk1        
Ford Sierra Mk2 Ford Sierra Mk2        
Ford Thames 4D HF Big Crackerjack        
Ford Thames 400E Ern Lake 2ST-2 *        
Ford Thames 10/12/15cwt Van circa 1959 Metallifacture Tilt        
Ford Transit Mk1 L&E S1028        
Ford Transit (various) Ford Transit 85 - 91 Ford Transit 85-91 (2) Ford Transit Ford Transit (2)  
Ford (various) Metallifacture (A)        
Ford 1950s 2-ton trucks L&E S929        
Ford 1950s 4-ton trucks L&E S929        
Ford 1936 Model 68 V8 L&E S186        
Ford WOT2 Lorry (WW2) Ern Lake 245        
Ford Y Type (Ford 8) Prima        
Ford Zephyr Mk2 Metallifacture Tripod        
Ford Zodiac Mk2 BTC Zodiac Ford Zodiac Mk2      
Ford Zodiac Mk3-4 Metallifacture Tripod        
Ford Zodiac Mk4 Ford Zodiac        
Fordson N Tractor Ern Lake S1        
Fordson Tractor Metallifacture TJ/1 L&E N17080      
Fordson 7V Van Shelley 7V        
Gordon Keeble Nike 16HB (HF)        
Hillman Avenger Metallifacture Scissor        
Hillman Avenger Tiger Metallifacture Scissor        
Hillman Imp Metallifacture CJ/15 Shelley Scissor      
Hillman Minx Metallifacture (B)        
Hillman Minx Mk4 Saloon Smiths Pole        
Hillman Super Minx (1275) Metallifacture CJ/6        
Hillman Rapier Metallifacture (B)        
Humber Hawk Shelley Rollafit        
Humber Sceptre Metallifacture CJ/6        
Humber Super Snipe Shelley Rollafit Smiths Pole      
Iso Isetta (UK variant) L&E S411        
Jaguar 420 & 420G Shelley Rollafit        
Jaguar C-Type (race car) Abbey Panels        
Jaguar D-Type (race car) Abbey Panels        
Jaguar E-Type (race car) Abbey Panels        
Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Shelley LJ225 - no rib Shelley LJ225 - ribbed Metallifacture 3.8    
Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Metallifacture 4.2        
Jaguar E-type Series 2 4.2 Metallifacture Ser2 4.2 Metallifacture Ser2 4.2      
Jaguar E-Type 4.2 2+2 Metallifacture 2+2        
jaguar E-Type series 3 V12 Metallifacture Ser3 V12 Metallifacture Ser3 V12      
Jaguar Mk2 King Dick        
Jaguar Mk IV Stevenson Side Lift        
Jaguar Mk V Stevenson Side Lift        
Jaguar Mk VII BTC Folding A Frame        
Jaguar Mk VIII BTC Folding A Frame        
Jaguar Mk IX BTC Folding A Frame        
Jaguar Mk 10 Shelley Rollafit        
Jaguar S Type Jaguar S Type        
Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 Metallifacture        
Jaguar XJ6 Series 2 Jaguar XJ6        
Jaguar XJ12 Jaguar XJ6        
Jaguar XJ Series 92 to 97 Jaguar X300        
Jaguar XJS V12 Jaguar XJS V12        
Jaguar XKSS (race car) Abbey Panels        
Jaguar XK120C (race car) Abbey Panels        
Jaguar XK120/140/150 Stevenson Side Lift        
Jaguar X Type Jaguar X Type        
Jensen Healey 1973) Metallifacture Scissor        
Jensen Interceptor Mk2 & Mk3 Smiths Bevelift - Mk2&3        
Jensen Interceptor 541S & C-V8 Smiths Bevelift 541S        
Jensen GT - 1975 Metallifacture Scissor        
Jowett Javelin Smiths Side Lift        
Jowett Jupiter (SA) L&E S416        
Lagonda 16/80 (1932) SkiHi        
Lagonda 1930s Type nk Stadium        
Lagonda LG6 Smiths Jackall        
Lagonda LG45 Smiths Jackall        
Lagonda V12 Smiths Jackall        
Lagonda 3-Litre Smiths Jackall        
Lanchester (pre 1930) Rapson        
Lanchester 10 Sports Special Shelley Lanchester        
Lanchester 14/2 1939 DWS        
Land Rover Defender 90 LR Defender LR Defender 2nd Type      
Land Rover Defender 110 LR Defender LR Defender 2nd Type      
Land Rover Series 1 Shelley LJ25C Metallifacture Q2C Shelley 256    
Land Rover Series 1 (military) Shelley A212        
Land Rover Series II Shelley LJ25C Shelley LJ210 Shelley LJ250 Shelley 256  
Land Rover Series IIA (pre 1969) Shelley LJ250 Shelley 256      
Land Rover Series IIA (post 1969) Shelley LJ263        
Land Rover Series III Shelley LJ25C Shelley LJ263 Shelley LJ264    
Land Rover (Military) Various Shelley LJ25C Ern Lake 1 Ton      
Land Rover 101FC Shelley LJ32        
Lotus Eclat Metallifacture Eclat        
Lotus Elan Metallifacture Lotus        
Lotus Elan +2 Metallifacture +2        
Lotus Elan S3 Metallifacture S3        
Lotus Elite Metallifacture Elite        
Lotus Esprit S1, S2, S2.2 Metallifacture Esprit        
Lotus Europa S1 & S2 Metallifacture S1/S2        
Lotus Europa TC/TCS Lotus Europa TC/TCS        
MG J2 Shelley Bantam        
MG Magnette ZA Smiths Bevelift        
MG Magnette ZB King Dick (ZB)        
MG Magnette Mk III King Dick        
MG MGA Shelley LJ23 King Dick B1077 Shelley LJ225    
MG MGB Shelley Rollafit MGB King Dick Side Lift Metallifacture (B) Metallifacture (E)  
MG Midget Shelley Rollafit Metallifacture (MS)      
MG NA/NB Shelley A6        
MG PA/PB Shelley A6 Shelley 6DL      
MGTA Shelley A6        
MG TB Shelley A6        
MGTC (Early cars) Shelley A6        
MG TC Shelley 6" DL        
MG TD Shelley 6" DL        
MG TF Shelley 6" DL King Dick B1077      
MG VA Shelley 6 Inch Shelley A6      
MG YA Smiths Jackall        
MG YB Smiths Jackall        
MG YT Smiths Jackall        
MG 1100/1300 Shelley Rollafit Metallifacture Scissor      
Mini Moke Metallifacture Mini Moke Shelley Mini Moke      
Morgan 3-Wheeler Smith Stevenson *        
Morgan 4 Series L&E S416 Metallifacture      
Morgan +4 Smiths Stevenson Pole        
Morris 3 Ton Truck circa 1958 King Dick H477        
Morris 8 Series 1 Shelley M8 Shelley 7DL      
Morris 8 Series 2 Shelley TL        
Morris 8 Series E MM Bumper Metallifacture CJ2      
Morris 10HP Series M Shelley TL212        
Morris 10/4 Shelley Double Lift        
Morris 1100/1300 Shelley Rollafit Metallifacture Scissor      
Morris 1800 Metallifacture side Lift        
Morris Isis Shelley TL        
Morris Marina Morris Marina_1 Morris Marina_2      
Morris Minor Lowlight MM Bumper        
Morris Minor 1957 > Morris Minor BTC Morris Minor      
Morris Minor Van & Pick-up Shelley LJ31        
Morris Minor 1000 Shelley Rollafit        
Morris Mini (pre 1960) 1959 Mini        

Morris Mini (61 to 62)       

Shelley LJ225 (Mini) Shelley LJ225 (later)      
Morris Mini (62 to 68) Metallifacture (M)        
Morris Mini (68>) Shelley Mini Sidelift BTC Side Lift Metallifacture    
Morris Mini Traveller Mk1 Shelley LJ225 (Trav)        
Morris Mini Countryman (circa 1965) BTC Scissor        
Morris Oxford V Farina Smiths A Frame        
Morris Oxford VI King Dick        
Napier (model not known) Duff - Barrett        
Norton Big 4 combo Shelley 7DL        
Range Rover Shelley LJ263 Shelley (only marking) Shelley 3-Tier    
Renault Megane Metallifacture        
Riley Elf Shelley BMC        
Riley Falcon DWS        
Riley Merlin DWS        
Riley 9 Shelley LJ24        
Riley 12-4 Monaco Saloon Smiths Riley        
Riley RMA 1.5 litre Saloon (early cars) Smiths Bevelift        
Riley RMA 1.5 litre Saloon Smiths Bevelift        
Riley RMB 2.5 litre Saloon Smiths Bevelift        
Riley RME 1.5 litre Saloon Smiths Bevelift        
Riley RMF 2.5 litre Saloon Smiths Bevelift        
Riley RMC 2.5 litre D Coupe Smiths Bevelift        
Riley 4/72 King Dick MO        
Riley Victor DWS        
Riley 1100/1300 Shelley Rollafit Metallifacture Scissor      
Riley 1.5 (circa 1961) Riley        
Rolls Royce 40/50 Phantom Dunlop No 10        
Rolls Royce 20/25 HP 34 to 36 DWS Integrated        
Rolls Royce 25/30 HP 36 to 38 DWS Integrated        
Rolls Royce Phantom II 32 to 35 DWS Integrated        
Rolls Royce phantom III 36 to 39 Smiths Jackall        
Rolls Royce Phantom V Shelley LJ32        
Rolls Royce Phantom V1 Limousine Shelley LJ32        
Rolls Royce Corniche 1966> Smiths Bevelift R        
Rolls Royce Corniche 1980s Metallifacture        
Rolls Royce Shadow 1966> Smiths Bevelift R        
Rolls Royce Shadow 1980s Metallifacture        
Rolls Royce Silver Dawn Dunlop Type 41        
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow BTC Bevelift        
Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Dunlop Type 41        
Rolls Royce Spirit 1966> Smiths Bevelift R        
Rolls Royce Spirit 1980s Metallifacture        
Rolls Royce Spur 1980s Metallifacture        
Rolls Royce Wraith 38 to 39 Smiths Jackall        
Rover Mini Rover Mini        
Rover 1904 to 1908 Lucas No.2        
Rover 1908 - 1920s? Standard Coventry?        
Rover P2 Smiths Side Lift        
Rover P4 75 Smiths Bevelift King Dick      
Rover P6 Metallifacture P6        
Rover 90 King Dick Smiths        
Rover 200 and 400 Metallifacture Rover Rover 200 & 400      
Rover 75 Rover 75        
Scammell Tank Transporter SkyHi 20 Ton        
Singer Gazelle Metallifacture CJ/6        
Singer Le Mans Prima        
Singer Vogue Metallifacture CJ/6        
Standard 8 Smiths Standard 8        
Standard Little 9 L&E S421        
Standard Flying 9 Smiths Flying 9        
Standard 10 Smiths Standard 10        
Standard 14 Smiths Standard 14        
Standard Vanguard Shelley LJ31        
Standard Vanguard - RAF Smiths Triangulated        
Sunbeam Alpine Mk1 to Mk4 Metallifacture CJ/6 Shelley Sunbeam      
Sunbeam Avenger Metallifacture Scissor        
Sunbeam Tiger Metallifacture CJ/6 Shelley Sunbeam Metallifacture Scissor    
Sunbeam Imp Tangye Scissor        
Sunbeam Talbot 90 Smiths Bevelift        
Swallow Dorretti Smiths TR        
Swift P2 Shelley Double Lift        
Talbot Avenger Metallifacture Scissor        
Talbot Sunbeam Metallifacture Scissor        
Talbot Sunbeam Lotus Metallifacture Scissor        
Triumph Dolomite Shelley Dolomite        
Triumph Gloria Triumph Gloria        
Triumph Herald & Vitesse Metallifacture CJ/15 Triumph Herald      
Triumph Mayflower Smiths Triumph Mayflower        
Triumph Renown Smiths Triangulated        
Triumph Roadster Smiths Bevelift        
Triumph Spitfire 1500 Triumph Spitfire        
Triumph Stag Triumph Stag        
Triumph Super 9 Stevenson L&E Junior 7      
Triumph TD Town & Country Smiths Bevelift        
Triumph TR2 (Early) Smiths TR2 Early        
Triumph TR2/3/3A/3B/4 Smiths TR        
Triumph TR4A Shelley Scissor        
Triumph TR5 Shelley Scissor        
Triumph TR250 Shelley Scissor        
Triumph TR6 Tangye Shelley        
Triumph TR7 Smiths TR7        
Triumph TR8 Smiths TR8        
Triumph TDA 2000 Saloon (1949) Smiths Triangulated        
Triumph 2000 Tangye Shelley Triumph 2000      
TVR Griffith 200 Metallifacture        
TVR Griffith 400 Metallifacture        
TVR 350i Metallifacture        
Vanden Plas Princess 1100 Shelley Rollafit Metallifacture Scissor      
Vanden Plas Princess Metallifacture Scissor        
Vauxhall 10/4 (1937) Prima        
Vauxhall Astra Vauxhall Astra        
Vauxhall Corsa Corsa        
Vauxhall Cresta circa 1959 Vauxhall Cresta        
Vauxhall FB Victor Vauxhall FB Victor        
Vauxhall FE Victor Vauxhall FE Victor        
Vauxhall Nova Mk1 Vauxhall Nova        
Vauxhall 14 Velox circa 1934> Vauxhall 14 Velox        
Vauxhall Velox circa 1959 Vauxhall Velox        
Vauxhall Viva Vauxhall Viva        
Vauxhall Viva HB Vauxhall Viva HB        
Vauxhall Viva HC Vauxhall Viva HC        
Vauxhall VX Series Vauxhall VX        
Volvo P1800 (UK Assembled) Metallifacture        
Wolseley 4/44, 15/50 Smiths Wolseley        
Wolseley 6/90 Series I & II Smiths Bevelift        
Wolseley 6/90 Series III King Dick (6/90)        
Wolseley 10 Lake & Elliot Smiths Jackall (optional)      
Wolseley 12/48 Smiths Jackall        
Wolseley 14/56 Smiths Jackall (optional)        
Wolseley 14/60 Smiths Jackall        
Wolseley 16/60 King Dick        
Wolseley 18/85 Metallifacture side Lift Smiths Jackall      
Wolseley 1100/1300 Shelley Rollafit Metallifacture Scissor      
Wolseley 1500 Smiths A Frame * Shelley Rollafit*      
Wolseley Hornet Shelley BMC        
Wolseley Siddeley 1905-1910 Lucas        
Wolseley Wasp 1935-1936 Shelley 203